11th Round Bike Ride: Cycling for an Oil-Free Amazon

April 18, 2013     12:00 PM | Thursday

We invite you to make a donation to help us raise $6,000 for The Pachamama Alliance as we bike 140 miles over 4 days to raise awareness about the 11th Oil Round which threatens the plants, animals, and indigenous people of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest.

Update: We're Pushing for $7,000!

As of Friday morning we've raised $5,169 from over 50 donors! We're approaching our $6,000 goal, so we've decided to update our goal to $7,000 to push our limits. Please join us in this ambitious endeavor! Thanks for your generosity and for supporting an oil free Amazon!

En Route: Updates from The Road

Thursday, April 18th: We left The Pachamama Office after work on Thursday and biked over the bridge to Mill Valley where we stayed the night at Jonathan's house. Tomorrow we take off for Point Reyes. We are excited to interact with folks along the way to raise consciousness about the 11th Oil Round. Thanks for all the support and donations! Stay tuned for more! - The 11th Round Riders

The Pachamama Spring Challenge


This Spring, Pachamama Alliance staff members are doing something we've never done before. We are taking on five challenges to share our passions and raise $45,000 for our critical work in the world.

Pushing Our Limits to Raise Awareness

For our challenge, we're using our passion for bicycling to raise awareness about the threat of the 11th Oil Round. 

We're pushing our limits to bike a 140 mile loop from San Francisco up the coast to Bodega Bay and back.  

Along the way we'll stop to interact with people to tell them about the 11th Oil Round, the threat it brings, and how they can help.

Your Partnership Will Help us Raise $6,000

We're inviting our family, friends, colleagues, and community to stand with us in this bike-fundraising challenge by making a financial contribution.

Whether you can give $10 or $1000, your donation will fuel our ride, inspire conversations along the way, and most importantly support the critical work of The Pachamama Alliance.

Make a donation now »

Donation Levels

We hope that you'll join us in this endeavor by donating to help us raise $6,000. You can donate any amount, but we've provided some giving levels with different benefits to entice you:

$35 - Mt. Tam Motivator (25¢ / mi)

With a donation of any level, you'll have the opportunity to submit your words for us to read during our beach ceremony that we will perform to honor Pachamama.

$70 - Point Reyes Partner (50¢ / mi)

When you donate $70 or more, we'll send photos from the road as we're biking and conversing with folks to bring awareness to the 11th Oil Round.

$105 - Bodega Bay Booster (75¢ / mi)

When you donate $105 or more, we'll add your name as a sponsor to our bike jerseys and flags so you'll be with us for the whole ride!

$140 - Petaluma Pro ($1 / mi)

When you donate $140 or more, we'll send you a video from the road of us talking to folks to bring awareness to the 11th Oil Round.

$280 - Fairfax Fanatic ($2 / mi)

When you donate $280 or more, we'll send you a video from the road personally thanking you for your partnership and sharing the joy of our ride with you.

$560 - San Francisco Superstar ($4 / mi)

When you donate $560, we'll send you a very special video. We're ending our ride on Earthday at The Pachamama Alliance office. We'll send you a video of us with all the Pachamama staff honoring you for your support and personally send it to you with our utmost gratitude.

$1020 - 11th Round Revolutionary ($8 / mi)

Thank you for stepping up to this challenge! We'll honor your commitment to this work by naming you in our 2013 Luncheon program as a dedicated supporter of the Spring Challenge.

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What We're Raising Money For

Imagine your government came into your home and said oil companies were allowed to tear up your floors with dynamite and start exploring for oil - and they told everyone you said it was okay, even though you didn't. This is what's happening to thousands of indigenous families in Ecuador's Amazon rainforest right now.

Want to Join Our Ride?

If you're up for the challenge, we'd love to have you join us. It will be a challenge, as we are carrying our own gear, camping every night, and biking some hilly roads.

We ask that anyone who joins the ride commit to raising $500 at least. Please contact ryan@pachamama.org for more about this awesome opportunity!

Our Team

Our team is made up of Pachamama Alliance staff and supporters.

Ryan Andersen
"I am passionate about biking - nothing is more liberating to me than spending a day rolling along and slowly taking in the land, people, and creatures. This ride is the perfect opportunity to connect this  passion with raising money for the critical work of The Pachamama Alliance."

Dan Carney
"This will be my first bike tour, and I'm honored that it will be in support of our indigenous partners. While the ride will be a challenge, it will be totally worth it because I'll be supporting The Pachamama Alliance by raising money and spreading the word about our work along the way."

Jonathan Weisblatt
"Bike touring is my favorite way to travel, free and out in the fresh air, grinding and rolling through the colorful countryside powered only by my body's systems, able to stop any moment to experience a place. Putting my blood, sweat and tears into my pedals in service to a thriving, just and sustainable world -- what could be better? Fund us! ;)"

Ian Andersen
"For me, this trip is all about the cycling and helping The Pachamama Alliance achieve it's fundraising goals. Having the opportunity to participate and educate myself along the way will be an special honor."

Make A Donation Today

We're deeply grateful that our friends, family, colleagues, and community that support us in raising this money and supporting our ride to raise awareness about the 11th Oil Round in Ecuador.

Donate now for an oil-free Amazon »


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